“Strengthen your people, strengthen your team” is more than a tag line for Leap Adventures. By providing events that are more than a pep talk, far more than just fun, and much longer lasting than a day out of the office, Leap Adventures will transform your work environment, by transforming the people within it.

Team building with Leap Adventures is an adventure. It involves asking people to take risks, to rethink their mental limits, and place their trust into the hands of their fellow team members. These experiences bond individuals into teams with the realization that “if all succeed, I succeed.”


Drumming Circle
Low Ropes Course
Communication Combat Challenge
The Scrambler (Indoor Program)
Geo Compass Challenge
Mini Olympics
The Amazing Race
Survivor Challenge
Paying It Forward
Guided Hikes
Row Your Team To Success
Seriously Sports Tournament
Gregarious Games Nights
Art Jam!
Word Nerd Bootcamp


All activities are inclusive: organization, set-up, introduction, facilitation, all equipment, and meaningful debrief are part of the package.


Whether you want to improve communication, gain insight into group dynamics, change the way the team relates to each other, or discover untapped potential and growth opportunities, there is a team building program for you. The programs are run indoors or out at a venue of your choosing.


The change of scenery, combined with energetic and enthusiastic leadership from Jessie and her team of facilitators will inspire, motivate, and transform your team.