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Our energetic, interactive, and student-centered workshops address common and uncommon challenges in learning communities.

Begin As You Mean to Go On

This workshop is for schools looking to establish or re-establish the foundations of their learning community. This workshop helps the group build a shared vision for the future, and teaches long-term tools around goal-setting, strategies for growing together, tools for mutual support, and accountability.

Here Comes the Sun

If any or all portions of the school community are feeling challenged or stuck by circumstances in their learning environment, this workshop will get you back on track and have everyone eager and ready to come back to school. Conflict resolution, problem-solving, and communications skills for transformation equip any cohort in the learning environment into a team working together towards success.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

This workshop is for schools confronted by challenges raised by “difference” within the community. Liberating and transformative, we facilitate powerful activities that highlight and celebrate commonalities in the group and illuminate your shared values.

Itchy and Scratchy

Children, and of course adults, too, are often under-skilled in dealing with difficult emotions, which can compromise their growth potential and the opportunities of people around them. Jessie’s emotional intelligence workshop will enrich the emotional vocabulary of all participants and provide effective, action-oriented tools to help manage those itchy and scratchy feelings that can be distracting and destructive.

Did You Hear What They Said?

Rumours, gossip, and bullying are all elements of ineffective communication that dilute the integrity of classrooms, staff rooms, and playgrounds. Jessie’s communications work shop will have everyone talking, listening, and understanding the power of their words and actions.

How To Adult

In this all-possibility, dreams unleashed workshop, participants get clear on what they want and need in their lives as well as being given tools to make their dreams come true, truly!

The above workshops represent a selection of possible programming offered by Leap Adventures – all workshops are fully customizable, depending on the needs and wishes of the school.