How long are Leap Adventures’ team building events?

Most events are about 2.5 hours including setup and completion. Every event is a customized experience, and we can build longer or multi-day programs to suit your needs.

What if my outdoor event booking arrives and it’s a rainy/snowy/freezing cold/burning hot day?

In your consultation with Leap Adventures, we will identify an alternative indoor adventure that will be prepared if the weather doesn’t suit the outdoor program you planned.

What if my team includes people with different abilities or physical activity limitations?

All programs are catered to corporate clients, so different ages, abilities, and stamina levels are taken into consideration. Your program will be designed in consultation with Jessie, so any concerns can be addressed ahead of time and the program adjusted to be inclusive of every team member.

What if we are running behind schedule?

Meetings have a tendency to go longer than planned. Because our facilitators are experienced and our programs are flexible, Leap Adventures will get you back on track by sticking to the agreed-upon end time.

What if we want to start earlier than we previously arranged?

Depending on how much notice you can provide us and the Leap Adventures schedule, you may be able to begin your event sooner than originally booked. Let us know ASAP if you want a change and we will absolutely try to accommodate you.

What should I tell my team to wear?

For outdoor team building events, participants should dress for the weather (layers and waterproof outerwear) and wear comfortable shoes appropriate for outdoor activity.

For indoor events, no wardrobe change is required. There is no running in the halls where we come from, so whatever shoes are on their feet will be fine.