Why Outdoor Education?

Anyone who has ever relaxed by a body of water or taken a hike in the woods knows the benefits of time outdoors, especially for children. New bodies of research back up what we all intuitively know: time outside is essential not only to relaxation and rejuvenation, but also brain development.

Can special diets and/or allergies be accommodated?

Absolutely. Our partners and caterers specialize in special dietary menus (coeliac, gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan, other special requirements), as well as providing outstanding nutrition in diverse and sophisticated menu options that are kid-pleasers! Please note: individuals prescribed epi pens must have them on site and on their person. It is your responsibility to contact our staff to ensure we are aware of your child’s specific situation and needs.

How do I get in touch with you or my child while they’re away?

The facility’s contact information as well as our trip leader’s and your child’s supervisor’s will be provided.

What will my child need?

Complete and detailed packing lists are provided for every Leap Adventures out-trip. These lists are specific to the season and activities, and will be made available to you at least two weeks ahead.

Will my child be safe? What if there is an accident?

Your child’s safety is Leap Adventures‘ top priority. We are accident and injury-free since we launched ten years ago. Jessie is a retired firefighter and all the staff are first aid certified and emergency plans are in place for all facilities. Medical information forms are provided in your pre-trip package and all medications and required medical equipment (ie: epi pen, inhalers, etc…) are required and on-site during the duration of your child’s program.

What if my child is homesick?

Leap Adventures’ pre-trip materials and information night will set your child up to be successful on their fabulous outdoor ed adventure with us. Preparation and empowerment of your child is key. Homesickness is a possibility but is always short lived, and tends to be a powerful growing experience. Our staff have lots of background handling late-night tears, and things will totally be okay.