“Using the real world is the way learning has happened for 99.9% of human existence. Only in the last hundred years have we put it in a little box called a classroom”      – Will Nixon, “Letting Nature Shape Childhood”

Standard and custom experiences are available. Some of our most popular programs are:


Take It Outside!

Outdoor Education Experience:

Students aged 6 – 18, groups of 20 -70

Leap Adventures provides 3-5 day (overnight) trips for school groups in a beautiful, natural setting that includes meals, accommodation, and activities. In consultation with Jessie Steinberg (Director of Leap Adventures), you will identify the goals for your students and select the learning opportunities and team challenges you want for their development. These include but are not limited to: pond study, insect study, caves and caverns, soil and erosion, adaptations, cooperative games, leadership development, from farm to table, night walks, bonfire circles, instincts for survival, and orienteering.

If You’re Not Dirty, You’re Not Having Fun

Outdoor Education Camping Experience:

Students aged 12 – 18, groups of 8 -30

Join Leap Adventures’ experienced guides in the untouched wilderness of Ontario and watch your students discover skills and confidence they didn’t know they had. They will recognize strengths and talents in themselves and each other as well as form new relationships that will transform their learning community.

Comprehensive pre-trip preparation is included so that participants are excited about, and not intimidated by, this unique adventure. Activities and challenges will include but are not limited to: hiking, camp set up, communal living, self-reflection, survival skill challenges, trust games, writing, experiencing stillness, bonfire circles, and more.


Homesteading 101 On An Organic Farm:

Students aged 6 – 18, groups of 10 -30

Travel to the Haliburton Highlands to experience living off the land. Students will experience living and working together to meet the demands of maintaining a truly Canadian, sustainable farm. Everything from trail maintenance, bee keeping, the care and maintenance of farm animals, cooking with and for each other, night hikes, time to explore, and time to reflect happen at this gorgeous and inspiring farm. The sense of possibility and responsibility combined with the hands-on learning make this adventure truly one-of-a-kind.